the book of genesis
1445–1405 B.C.

The first book of Moses.

the book of exodus
1445–1405 B.C.

The second book of Moses.

the book of leviticus
1445–1405 B.C.

The third book of Moses.

1445–1405 B.C.

The fourth book of Moses.

1445–1405 B.C.

The fifth book of Moses.

The promised land at last.

1405–1385 B.C.
the book of judges

Before the rise of Saul and the kings.

l043 B.C.
the book of ruth

An anecdote of loyalty.

1030–1010 B.C.
the book of 1 Samuel

The Prophet, the Priest, and 2 great Kings.

931–722 B.C.
the book of 2 Samuel

The Prophet, the Priest, and 2 great Kings.

931–722 B.C.

The Kings of Israel.

561–538 B.C.
the book of 2 kings

The Kings of Israel

561–538 B.C.

More kings, more chaos.

450–430 B.C.
the book of 2 chronicles

The fall of a chosen empire.

450–430 B.C.
the book of ezra

The restoration of God's people.

457–444 B.C.

Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

424–400 B.C.
the book of esther

A Queen in season.

450–331 B.C.

A debate with God.

the book of psalms
1410–450 B.C.

Poems, hymns, and prayers.

971–686 B.C.

The words of the wisest king.

the book of ecclesiastes
940–931 B.C.

Vanity, all is vanity.

the book of the songs of solomon
971–965 B.C.

Love, beauty, and poetry.

God's plan to redeem the world through Israel.

700–681 B.C.
the book of jeremiah

Judgement for the sin of nations.

586–570 B.C.
the book of lamentations

The day of repentance is here.

586 B.C.
the book of ezekiel

A new heart; a promise of restoration.

590–570 B.C.

A Prophet, an administrator, and a man of integrity.

536–530 B.C.

The Minor Prophets

the book of hosea

Set your idols away.

755–710 B.C.
the book of joel

Divine judgement and a promise of revival.

835–796 B.C.
the book of amos

Seek Me and live.

755 B.C.
the book of obadiah

Repentance, reconciliation, and restoration.

850–840 B.C.

A great awakening and return to God.

760 B.C.

God's law is always right and just.

735–710 B.C.

Unrighteousness won't go unpunished long.

650 B.C.

In troubled times, cling unto Me.

615–605 B.C.
the book of zephaniah

Judgement and salvation in the Day of the Lord.

635–625 B.C.

Forget not your Maker in times of plenty.

520 B.C.

Yahweh remembers His own.

480–470 B.C.
the book of malachi

Before the silence.

433–424 B.C.