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It could be true that in the Christian faith today, there is no statement more emphasized than that which says, “Christianity is not a system of dos and don’ts”. Although this is true, we also need to come to the understanding that as citizens of the kingdom of God, there are certain expectations that heaven has of us. Not as the Law tasked us under the Old Covenant but as grace empowers us under the New.

To fully understand the importance of the concept of the kingdom of God, we cannot but consider the early chapters of each gospel. After a careful examination of chapters like Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 10, etc., it becomes evident that the subject which Christ dwelt upon in his preaching was the very same John preached; Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. Indeed, this was the sum and substance of all His preaching. We even see that He expended many parables on the illustration of this revelation of the kingdom of God. So, if Jesus was especially particular about the kingdom of God, it is only expedient that we who are little Christs also pay corresponding diligence to the same.

My Identity in the Kingdom of God

If the Christian does not fully understand his position as a citizen of the kingdom of God, he soon loses his spiritual identity. In my little travels, I have come across quite a number of Christians from many nations who cannot seem to agree on the same values. They argue that they see Christianity differently because of their varying cultures and backgrounds. For a growing Christian, this might seem acceptable.

But the mature Christian knows that from the moment he was translated from the kingdom of darkness to that of light, he seized to be just a citizen of an earthly nation. Every believer has been freely gifted dual citizenship. By the virtue of Christ’s purchase, you and I are first citizens of heaven before we are Nigerians, Americans, Brits, or Chinese. The more we embrace this truth, the more effective we will be in our pursuit of God.

One in the Kingdom

So, the Christian mindset is singular: this is the mind of Christ. It varies neither based on location, race, background nor human experiences. The Christian culture is dictated from above: safe, secure and unmoved by time. We live only by one code – our Constitution, the Bible, the Word of God. This is what we mean when we say sola scriptura.

But the world mocks us at times when we speak in this manner and they rightly do so. For “there is an evil I have seen under the sun…I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves.” Citizens of God’s kingdom are settling for less, we are permitting that which heaven considers absurd to become the norm amidst us. And I will tell you what these absurd identities are.

A Sinful Citizen

The first liberty a Christian enjoys as a citizen of the kingdom of God is the liberty from sin. Of a truth, if he is yet to enjoy this, he has hardly begun to partake of any infrastructure of this kingdom. Sin is the greatest stumbling block of man. It is the author and finisher of the alienation between God and man. It dethroned the first Adam. But for the second Adam, our fate would have been sealed. See what Paul says of a sinful citizen; “God forbid!” In other words, it is a great absurdity. We must therefore hold on tight to this liberty we have in Christ.

A Powerless Citizen

The power of the Christian is in prayer. If we do not explore this limitless power of prayer, we greatly disappoint heaven. For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. And there is nothing more spiritually underwhelming than a powerless Christian. He is unprofitable to heaven and hell’s laughing stock.

A Loveless Citizen

Christ makes no other demand of man but to love; God first and then his fellow man. And in that order, we make ourselves worthy to be called citizens of the kingdom of God. In this, all the commandments are summarized. “By this, all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” These are Christ’s words to us. Take them and live solely by them.

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