In today’s busy world where there are innumerable distractions and discouragements, it seems as though the gospel has become impotent and outdated.

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But a careful look will reveal an absolutely different truth: the Word of God is still as powerful as ever!

The project, The Gospel Untempered aims at delivering this power to you wherever you may be. Whether you’re on the go, at work or in the comfort of your abode, you can always partake of this divine fellowship.

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Our Vision

We believe strongly that it is every believer’s birthright to be firmly grounded and rooted in the knowledge of the truth in God’s word. What God has placed in our hands under the canopy of The Gospel Untempered is an avenue to edify every one of our readers. We pray that as you spend time feeding on the content here, the Holy Spirit will breathe life upon it. Welcome on board!

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